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Broken Wings This is a rough copy of my LOZ/Angust fanfic. I know it may sound a bit... off the chain and critically challenged, but I am working on a revision which is on another computer that is currently being stored away. -=Sigh=- Also, since this fic is a continuation of two other fics by Chaotic Senerity of FanFiction,.net, I suggest reading the bellow fics before reading mine.

The Shattered
Wise in our Own Ways

Authors Notes: he he, this must be my 5th song fic. Well again this one is by Mariah Carey’s song “One Sweet Day” but I will have to admit that this one is a sad song fic. This one was inspired by Chaotic Serenity’s story “Wise in Our Own Ways” Now I was never the type to like any kind of fics based on suicide, this type of fic is so not like me, especially if you have read any of my other song fics and stories, but her “Wise in Our Own Ways” inspired me to write this song fic where everyone in Hyrule is morning the loss of Link the Hero of Time. The song “One sweet day” is a very beautiful and moving song so I decided to do something like this only once. Though I cannot stand to see Link dead, (I love him that much) this probably is the only time I will write a fic based on such an emotional subject.

Death by his own hand, everyone in Hyrule has succumbed to the effects of his devastating suicide. Now that he has finally been laid to rest, everyone tells just how they thought of Link and what they really never got to tell him before his abrupt end of life.

Rated PG 13 for adult themes and langue, blood content and descriptions of Link’s body.

Disclaimer: Ok I know I do not own Link or any of the other Zelda peeps. They belong to Nintendo (Though I wish I owned Link hehehe). I’m just borrowing them for my wonderful song fics and stories. Enjoy

Broken Wings

Fallen Warrior
An Angel’s Tears

“I still cannot believe it… He’s really gone.”

“This has to be a nightmare… How can it not be… How…”

“Oh by the Goddesses, Link…Why… How could you?”

“I still don’t believe that this is real.”

“I’m still here all alone… Link…Why, we were supposed to be married… You were supposed to be my King!”

“Link! How... Why did you do this… My heart just cannot take it anymore!”

“Our Hero of Time has fallen. Broken wings… Never to fly again.”

“This is too much for me… Oh Goddesses…WHY!?… Why did he leave us so?”

“I thought... A holder of part of the sacred Triforce shouldn't…Wouldn't die like this!”

“Did he... Hate us that much?”

“His sword… The Master Sword… Now dank and dull…It’s light has gone…”

“Broken pieces… Fallen wings…”

“No more walks through... The forest...”

“No more sparkling blue eyes…”

“No more gentle words…”

“No more brotherly talks…”

“No more shoulders to cry on…”

“No more horseback rides along the ocean…”

“No more words of wisdom…”

“No more hugs… Gentle kisses… Sweetness of love…”

“No more nothing.”

“Why did you do it Link… Why?”

“Where do we go from here… Without… You?”

Rauru the Light Sage, spoke words of sorrow

“In all my years, I never thought a dark day like this could ever befall Hyrule, but as the seven of us with all of Hyrule’s population gather here around Link’s grave, the one question still torturers us all. Why did he take his own life in such a gruesome manor? Actually why did he do it at all?”

“As I stand here looking over the cross with his sword… The Master Sword lying on top… I still cannot believe that Link… Our steeled warrior… The Hero of Time is actually gone.”

“I still ask myself what was so terrible in the young man’s life for him to have taken his own life by his own sword. Was the quest that had befallen him too much for him to handle? Was the title Hero of Time such an ugly name? Did he despise his own destiny so much that he felt a desire to end it all in cold blood? These questions I will never know the answers to… Perhaps it’s because the answers are now too far out of reach.”

“Even though I haven’t gotten the answers to my nagging questions, I should actually consider what might have been the cause for all his pain and suffering. As wise as I believe myself to be… Never had I considered that perhaps, I did push the young man a little too hard, forcing everything upon his shoulders so soon after his awakening, and caused him to run head long into something he wasn’t ready for.”

“Perhaps I expected him to carry the weight of the world on his tender shoulders, expected him to have all the answers to the plaguing problems that had befallen this land… But what was I to do? I was running out of time, my powers were failing and the final seal protecting the Sacred Realm was breaking. But the young man became the Hero of Time did he not? He was perfection at its finest, steeled for warfare, his fate forged by blood and destiny and chosen by the Triforce to carry its devastating power.”

“ However, as I stand here unable to move, frozen like petrified rock, my eyes struggling to hold back the welling tears, I cannot help but think about how if we had just given Link the chance, we could have possibly saved his life, possibly could have prevented this whole catastrophe from ever happening. But… Perhaps the young man’s pain was beyond our reach. Perhaps this was a decision fate had in store for him a long time ago.”

“Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps! I’m constantly wringing my mind on this entire situation, constantly tearing myself apart saying that I could’ve done something different, but how was I supposed to know!? There are so many variables in this situation; how could I have possibly known it was coming? It’s because I didn’t see it coming, that’s why!”

“I was so caught up in the young man’s duties that I didn’t see he was suffering, that his heart was in pain. I was so blind to the fact that he was suffering that, I remained ignorant to the truth and threw aside the fact that in reality he really was dying both physically and mentally.”

“Now because of that blinding ignorance, we are paying for it. Even though I’m standing here; the threat of Gannondorf attacking at any time still remains. His wicked evil still plagues this once beautiful land, and now there is no one to stop him. Because of this ill twist of fait; we are all living in a hellish nightmare from our own damned selfishness and morals. But what are we to do? We cannot turn back the hands of time, change fate, change the past. We are stuck in this dark time by the loss of our hero.”

“But that’s irrelevant now. All that matters is Link the Hero of Time is gone, and the fact remains that I never once, no never once told the young man just how much he meant to me. I came to love him like my son, took him in as one of my own. But it’s too late to tell him that now. I wasted all this time and never once told him just what he meant to me. Now I will have to live with that, live with his blood on my hands, and I know that I will, when the day finally comes, take that knowing to my grave.”

“However, for once the stains on my hands have become permanent, and somehow my faith in the Goddesses has shifted to a looser standing.”

“And for once this old man is not sure if he can hold back the pain and tears anymore…”

Nabooru the Spirit Sage, a warrior’s torn heart:

“Humph. Even though I don’t have as much to say as that old man there, I will say that even for a man, Link the Hero of Time was different. I never had any trust in men, even after Gannondorf became King, but Link was different from most men, he changed the way I felt towards him. He was caring, compassionate and damn handsome. But it sure is way the hell too late to tell him that now. Damnit!-why didn’t I tell him sooner? Why did I wait until now?”

“Because I’m a stubborn fool, that’s why! I keep blaming the lad for his own demise when instead I should have compassion for him, like he once did for me. But why haven’t I? Why do I still keep blaming this whole situation on him? It’s because he left us behind so suddenly, without any warning for his selfish reasons. I still remember the way we found him that day, lying dead in the Temple of Time on the alter, the Master Sword pierced through his chest, pools of blood marring the floor.”

“I remember how long it took us to be able to move as we stood there in shocked disbelief looking down at his body lying there on the alter, then how long it took us to gain the strength and courage to move him and give him a proper burial.”

“Now I stand here over his grave, looking down at the once mighty sword which now just lies on top his tombstone, its blade dank and dull, the light of justice… Gone. I keep asking myself the same questions that I asked myself the day we found him. As a warrior of the utmost level of respect, why did he fail to abide by the very code that he swore to lead his life under?”

“Why did he allow the simplest of problems take him down the bitter path of anguish, until it was too much for him to take, then using an easy way out? I still have no answers to those lingering questions, but a warrior must be willing to take whatever fate hands to him and deal with it in whichever way he can and choke down the bitter ironies of life with a steel-forged soul.”

“But whichever the reason was for him to end his life the way he did, the fact remains that he is gone and now fate is going to continue to hand us our destines with or without him. However, I will admit that I do miss him. He was one sweet man, one of a very few. But even though I thought of him as a warrior and a friend, why does it feel like my strong, steel-forged warrior's heart is breaking, when I’m supposed to be a strong unbreakable warrior, able to over come the loss of comrades? I guess I will never know. All I can say is that for once; even if my heart was steel-forged, it sure cannot hold back the pain anymore.”

Impa the Shadow Sage, a Sheikah’s wise words:

“From since I can remember, my place in the royal family was the daring role of protector, supporter, and caretaker of Princess Zelda. As is the way of the Sheikahs; but for once I believe that I have failed to uphold the codes that we strongly a hear to; to serve and protect. Because of my fears and concerns for the Princess’s safety, I neglected to notice that someone else was in need of my protection.”

“Never in my life had I ever failed that code, never had I once neglected to offer someone in need of my help.”

“Until now…”

“I have failed to prevent the end of the most prestigious, generous man who had ever lived: Link, the Hero of Time.” For once in my life,
another hand was needed to save my own, and I neglected to ever repay
such munificence and devotion in the simplest manner Link needed: love. It was by my own blind negligence, that I failed to see Link’s pain and suffering. But what am I to do now? I cannot change the past, nor can I bring back the once lively man I came to call, friend.”

“I cannot help to question his reasons for ending it the way he did. Even though life can sometimes deal an unfair hand; that doesn’t always mean you need to find an easy way out. One must remain strong, steel themselves for the unknown, prepare themselves for the future.”

“But Link failed to uphold that code, the very one he swore to live by. Instead he chose an easy path, one less traveled, and when the road ended…”

“No. There has to be other reasons, reasons to why he did what he did. But as a wise Sage, I cannot seem to find the answers that keep eluding me to this day. For one so wise never goes long without the answers… Or do they? I still have no explanation for Link’s rashness, but the one thing that’s apparent; Link, Hyrule’s hero is gone .”

“The consequences were higher then the risk and now I’m standing here with the other Sages as well as all of Hyrule’s remaining population, morning the loss of our fallen warrior. Even as I stand here, over his place of rest, I cannot help but contemplate the effects of such a passing has had on my understanding of the world. I now feel that fate has held a whole new meaning in my life. It’s something that cannot be taken lightly. It must be treated as something that guides you through life, something that has forged your destiny from birth.”

“But Link never understood that, it seemed to be too much for him to comprehend. Or maybe it was a reality he didn’t want to accept. Maybe we forced him to take flight too soon on his new-found wings after he was awakened from his suspended seven year sleep Or perhaps he felt the entire weight of a world was thrust upon his shoulders, when he believed he could not carry such a burden alone.”

“Whatever the reason he chose to do what he did, I cannot help but feel cheated. I just wish the lad had told us of his pain and suffering. I wish he had asked for my help. I could have taught him so much more,
including the notion that even the paths we lay out for ourselves may still
be diverted into yet, another direction.”

“But I waited too long to tell the lad that. Too late to tell him that he was someone I came to call friend, and to show my appreciation for his hand in saving my life. I will have to live with that knowledge for the rest of my of my days, deal with the fact that its his blood on my hands now.”

“However, even in light of my blatant ness, I will miss the lad. I will miss those gentle and wise words he always spoke, miss the welcoming company he always made.”

“That is all gone now. All that is left is the memories of a once vibrant and brilliant young man. A young man whom we came to know and love. A man that has now left this world, and left us with only unanswered questions. And now it seems to me that for once in so long; the torrential winds have claimed victory once more.”

Ruto the Water Sage, Tears of a Mate less Queen:

“Oh by the Goddesses, I still cannot believe it. The nightmare, that nightmare has not ended, even as I stand here, over the man I had once chosen to be my husband; now lies here atop this damn mountain, six feet down under mounds of dirt. And what do I think of all this? I’ll tell you what… Anger, disgust, loneliness and trepidation. Ever since the day we found him dead in the Temple of Time, stabbed in the chest with that damn bloody sword, I have never been able to forgive him for leaving me so sudden and so… So alone.”

“Now I’m Queen, taking on the responsibilities of my people alone. Sitting here on a throne with no partner, no one to be by my side, and no one to help me bare the next heir to the throne. For that, how can I forgive him? How can I just push aside the fact that I have lost everything that Link and I ever shared, because of his selfish acts? How?”

“No I will not! Why should I have to suffer the emotional blows of his death because he chose to take a cowards’ way out? Why should I be forced to bear the responsibilities and mistakes of a fool who had so blindly lost his way?”

“No! I cannot be burdened with that kind of weight dragging on my shoulders when I have my duties as Queen of the Zora’s to perform. But I still cannot help, even now, forgetting the man I once loved. Even in my dreams I see him, those twinkling blue eyes, his soft silky blonde hair, that perfect body, such a perfect body… Oh Goddesses how I miss him.”

“I will never forget the first day I met him. So young, his cute blue eyes filled with concern for me as we stood there inside the bowels of Jabu Jabu’s belly. Then that daring rescue against Barinade, I remember how he stood strong, fought hard and overcame the beast that threatened me. Then we were transported back to Lake Hylia, to rejoice after his prestigious victory.”

“It was at the point when he asked for the Zora’s Sapphire, I knew at that very moment I had found my life mate, found the one I was destined to marry.”

“Ever since that fateful day, I have kept my promise, stayed faithful and waited, waited for him to fulfill his promise to me and take his place at my side as my King. But, in the end, he failed to do so. Even after the time he left me alone for those seven long years.”

“I thought the day I saw him inside the Water Temple; those blue eyes sparkling against the clear water that filled the Temple, he had finally came to fulfill his promise to me, to fulfill the vows we each made to each other years before.”

“I was wrong.”

“Evidently, Link failed to meet the standards. And in doing so, he has failed me. Now because of that, my people are left with a stricken Queen who has no King at her side. It’s because of that I still scorn Link’s rash decision. Even to this day, one can see I can't think; even in my mind I stumble over the reasons for Link's undoing. But whatever the reason was, it can't be my fault. No… It never will be.”

“Because of all that has happened me, no… All of us now are left here with the threat of Gannondorf’s constant thrust for servitude; the wrath that monster has plagued this now dank land with still remains very real. I now live in fear every day of my life for my own safety and the safety of my people.”

“Left with the lingering fear welling up inside me that one day, Gannondorf just might succeed in killing us all, and with nothing to stop him in his will. This land turners more malevolent and wicked with each passing day under Gannondorf’s control, with no one strong enough to stand up to the towering odds that lay before us, I fear that the darkness will finally prevail.”

“But even as I stand here, the threat of Gannondorf crashing down on me at any time, I cannot help but feel miserable as I look over the tombstone we finally laid for our fallen hero, my fallen lover. I may still have feelings of anger and abandonment towards the once perfect man I came to love, but now all I can feel is selfishness and resentment for the things I never told him before he so abruptly ended his life.”

“You know, I will miss those eyes and perfect body. I had waited for so long to feel that lean muscular body naked against mine, and to look deeply into those deep blue pools of eyes that always shone with loving glances… But that’s all just a lingering fantasy now.”

“All I can admit to is that he really is gone and that I never got the chance to tell him just how much I loved him and what he meant to me. Because of that, he died never knowing my true feelings for him. But even though he has gone so far away… To distant to touch anymore, I will always love him… Until the end of time.”

“Link is free now. His soul had finally gotten the release from all the pain it had fought so hard to get away from. Even though he is not with us anymore, I pray that Link has finally found the eternal peace he was desperately searching for…”

Daurnia the Fire Sage, Cries of a blood brother

“I had always believed myself to be a strong and solid warrior. Just like the mountains that fight through the blinding torrential storms that wreck havoc on them so often. We the Gorons have always held up to that standard as being the ones with rock solid fighting skills and fearless hearts.”

“Forged form stone, we are always steeled for warfare and trained to have iron cold hearts. We are known as the unfailing few, the dependable and determined destroyers forged form a strict code that we so strongly a hear to.”

“After I witnessed brother Link in the prime of his youth fighting hard against the towering odds waged against him inside the Dodongo Cavern, and then his admirable defeat of the vicious dragon beast that threatened our very lives, I have always though of him as one of us.”

“Or so I thought…..”

“Now I’m forced to question the very heart I thought was as strong as my own. Link had always seemed to be one of great stature, one of great strength and divine wisdom, one wise in his own way. But as I stand here, looking over the very spot, the place where he now rests, I cannot help but wonder if Link was really a quivering, frail and fragile man all along?”

“Was his steel-forged warrior’s heart really that weak? Did he really despise the very destiny the legendary Goddesses bestowed him with? These are the nagging questions I still have no answers to which are no surprise.”

“But I still cannot help but resent my own blatant ignorance for not being aware of Links suffering so that I could’ve lent a guiding hand. It’s as if he didn’t trust me enough to help. Weren't we blood brothers? Trust and confidentiality is what brotherhood is all about.”

“Now I feel cheated. Taken advantage of, as if my concerning trust and love wasn’t enough for him to have confided in me about the pain that was wrenching his slowly weakening heart. Now my whole being is rattling under the immense confusion on the drastic reasons for his undoing.”

“Here I stand, unable to move again as I once did the day we found him… Frozen in time, like the unmoving mountains; tears slowly streaming down my face. I look over the dreary tombstone that now lies above the shallow grave where our once marvelous, vibrant young hero is now resting peacefully, his soul joining the heavens above.”

“But even though the once tortured soul of our beloved Hero of Time has now moved onto a better place… I cannot help but wish with all my power that I could reverse time. Change what has happened and prevent this whole occurrence from ever becoming.”

“I regret… Even abhor the fact that I was so blind to his pain that I pushed aside the glaring truth and pretended as if everything was okay. Now I get to stand here over his damn grave with the grievances that I never told him exactly how I felt.”

“I raise my head skyward and look towards the heavens to see if Link is really up there, happy that he is free of this malevolent, miserable world. Happy that he is now free of the over weighing duties that forced him to take fight too soon on his new-found wings.”

“But I ask this question. Was death what he really wanted? Did he really want to leave this world in blood and dishonor instead of in honor and glory? And why was the act committed in the Temple of Time? Isn’t that a sacred place of holiness and worship? Is that not the place where he became a man and gained his new-found wings? Again these are questions I still have no answers for.”

“But one thing is apparent, the hero is gone. I think I have finally come to the realization that there is no turning back. Fate hands you your destiny from birth. It’s those paths you must travel with a strong will, or succumb to the effects of defeat. Only, that is the one thing Link loathed: his own destiny. He wanted to lay out his own path, make all the choices, but he never understood that sometimes there are things that are just beyond your control.”

“As a result of our own stubborn ignorance and high morals, we are now living under the rule of an evil tyrant, who is hell bent on total annihilation of this once marvelous and beautiful land, and quite possibly the entire world. In the end, there now is no one to stop him and all we can do now is hope that by some miracle we can find the strength to stop him ourselves.”

“Or maybe I’m just hoping for the impossible.”

“But whichever the reasons for Link’s undoing, one thing is clear. Life will never be the same with out him. He will truly be missed no matter how we may feel about his reasons for taking his own life.”

“As I stare at the slowly graying sky of despair for one last time; crystal white tears staining my face, I just hope Link can still hear me as his spirit dances among the twinkling stars of the heavens,”

“Link my brother, the hero, the warrior and friend… Your memory will not go undignified and… You will not be forgotten…”

Saria the Forest Sage, Sorrow of a Broken Friendship

“I still cannot believe that this is really happening. I just keep hoping that this is all a nightmare, that I will wake up soon and it will all be over. But this is no nightmare, it’s very real, and the fact very real that Link, my closest friend has passed on. As a child of the forest I had never thought that one of our own people (yes I considered Link one of us) could take his own life in such cold blood.”

“I remember the day he was brought to the Kokiri Forest by a battered and dying young women, beaten by the tragic war that had befallen Hyrule. She came staggering into the woods, bloody and haggard, carrying a crying infant in her tainted arms. She sought the great Deku Tree and asked asylum for her infant son. And it was soon after the great Deku Tree took the baby under his wing that the women died with the knowledge he was truly safe.”

“He was raised as one of us, as a Kokiri, a child of the forest, led by the divine wisdom of the great Deku Tree. I remember watching him as he grew, aged when all his friends around him didn’t, watched and supported him when he was made fun of for not having a fairy partner.”

“It was during those times we became close, our friendship bonded by trust and love. He was so vibrant and full of life, as if he was the happiest person alive, glad to have a friend like me. And I thought it was through that friendship we would never hide anything from each other.”

“Or so it seemed…”

“Now I’m standing here on top a mountain looking down at the grave where my once closest and dearest friend, lies. My mind now wading through all the reasons why Link never confided in our bonded friendship to talk to me about his pain and suffering. Why he never had faith in me that I might have lent him my guiding hand and words of wisdom.”

“Did he ever think of even asking me how I would feel about his contemplation of suicide? Did he ever consider the fact what kind of an impact such a disturbing and selfish decision may have on the people who love him? I don’t see how.”

“I remember the day the seven of us found him in the Temple of Time. His body was like a decaying statue lying upon the alter of the Master Sword as it sat pierced threw his chest, the surrounding area being tainted with his dried blood.”

“My first thought was to scream and run, I thought it was all some kind of sick joke. But I couldn’t move… It was as if some unseen force was holding me there, my eyes transfixed on the pale and still corpse lying before me.”

“I just stood there for what seemed like an eternity, my eyes stinging from the salty crystal white tears that ran in streams down my face. We all just remained there, frozen in time like petrified rock until the seven of us worked up enough nerve to gain the courage and move him. To finally put him to rest where we all now stand.”

“Now here I am, my eyes welling up with unhindered tears; I cannot help but blame myself for his abrupt parting of this world. I question myself if there was more I could’ve done. Scorn myself for not seeing the warning signs of him going suicidal, and resent myself for remaining ignorant about it instead of taking any action to prevent it. I could’ve quite possibly saved his life, possibly have prevented this whole horrific event from ever happening.”

“But did I stop it, did I do anything?”

“No I didn’t!

“It was because of my own conceited selfish morals and honor stricken duty as the Sage of the Forest that I failed to notice Link’s pain and suffering. It’s now because of that blinding ignorance that I’m paying for it with the loss of someone so dear to me.”

“I have seen far too much in my days; and the weight of a near century's amount of stinging memories are finally beginning to unveil themselves in full force as I gaze upon the grave of my fallen friend. I can no longer be sure of anything anymore; Ganondorf's wake has made it so that this world is plagued with such chaotic twists of fate and sudden change that I cannot follow fate's trail anymore.”

“I now believe that destiny has changed my whole out look on life. Actually… I cannot be certain if I believe in it anymore. I still question myself that if I follow fate and allow it to mold my destiny… Am I slowly destined to head down the same path as Link. Is fate so terrible, so cruel that it would eventually lead me astray? I can’t be sure anymore, but I think that Link finally came to a realization that fate was dealing him an unfair hand.”

“He soon discovered that a road laid out does not necessarily require a traveler, and that building your own path is sometimes a choice we must debate whether or not to take. But I cannot help to think that if he only gave me the chance, I could’ve taught him that even paths we lay out for ourselves may still be diverted into another direction.”

“But it’s too late to tell him that now, and that’s my fault. I have wasted too much time in neglecting to tell him all the things I ever wanted to say. Now I stand here, holding the Fairy Ocarina, the very one I gave to him as a token of our friendship just before he left the forest on his quest; close to my saddened heart.”

“The whole memory is causing me to cry mentally, wringing my mind of all the doubts and fears that have been threatening to crash down one me. Like the ones that came in a rush at my first glimpse of Link's body, the one that came when I finally realized he was gone. But there is nothing I can do about it now.”

“All I can do now is hold on to his precious memory and try to remember all the good times Link and I shared. He was a true friend, one that will never be forgotten.”

“And I truly believe that one day; I will be dancing among the stars with him.”

Princess Zelda the Seventh Sage, Tears of a Rose

“Light… Dark, these two essences of eternal life have been feuding for total domination since the beginning of time. Each and every one of us either follows in the path of light, or the path of darkness. To become astray, one can so easily do; succumbing to the influences of temptations or false hopes can someone be diverted down the irreversible paths of darkness.

“I have always been the one to walk in the light, always been the one to fight the encroaching darkness so that good would prevail. But I never thought that one of our own could be so easily deterred to choose such a despairing path. With these results I have finally come to believe that is what happened to Link.”

“When I first met him as a young Princess in the Palace Garden; the small blue fairy floating around his head, I saw that small glimmer of hope I had seen so many times in my haunted dreams. It was then I had come to the realization that all my prayers had finally been answered. The hero, the child of destiny had finally come to take his place as Hero of Time.

“We fought long and hard together, side by side as he quested to gather the three spiritual stones. Then Gannondorf came; Impa and I fled the castle in fear for our lives, and as we rode by, I saw Link standing there with eyes wide open. But I took my chances and entrusted the sacred Ocarina to him, just before we rode away, never really knowing that leaving the key with Link would give Gannondorf the way into the Sacred Realm.”

“When Link entered the Temple of Time and pulled the scared Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time, his entire being was trapped inside the Sacred Realm and thus started the seven years of darkness.”

“I begun to believe all hope was lost until that day many years later, all my hopes were rekindled when the boy I met so long ago, returned to Hyrule as a full grown handsome young man wielding the sacred Legendary Master Sword. Dressed in Sheikahs garb, I followed the newly derived Hero of Time as he journeyed to each of the five Temples and freed each of the trapped sages that were held captive within them.”

“When Link finally came close to completing his destiny, his life must have took a drastic turn for the worst. In all my days as Princess of Hyrule, never had I thought I’d see the day when Hyrule’s chosen would finally succumb to the evils of the darkness and falter from the light.”

“Now I stand here over a grave on top a mountain, my face stained with welling tears as I look over the place where the hero that once walked in the light now lies buried.”

“Ever since that dark day when we found him lying dead in the Temple of Time, pierced threw the heart by the very sword he wielded, I have come to the conclusion that Link was finally conquered by the very evils he fought so hard to defeat.”

“As time slowly trickles by, I cannot help but question what caused him to be lead astray by the very darkness he so deeply despised. Maybe it was the brimming fact that he thought the light was no longer fulfilling a satisfactory life for him, or maybe he thought that the life he was leading was slowly pulling him down a path of misery. These are the nagging questions that have been haunting me ever since the day we finally came to the realization that Link was truly gone.”

“Now it’s times like this where I feel truly alone. I feel cheated, feel wronged, I feel as if Link never trusted any of us enough for him to speak to us of his pain and misery. And it is in that knowledge we have lost one of the greatest men to have ever lived. As I stand here, looking down over his dank grave, the once mighty blade of justice with its light gone and now lying on top his tombstone, I cannot help but cry. Even as stern as I might have been, I truly do miss him.”

“He was someone I had come to call friend, and even as much as it pains me to say this, I have actually had feelings for him, and reluctantly never told him of how I felt. Ever since the day I first started following him disguised as Sheik, I slowly started to realize that the feelings I had for him as a friend soon turned into something more. The feelings slowly turned into ones of lust, and a yearning to have him as my own.”

“But it’s too late for that now! Too damn late to tell him about just how I felt about him. Maybe if I hadn’t been so negligent in telling him of the way I felt, he might have, just might have chosen against the crazy notion of suicide. I feel that this entire situation is all my fault, blame myself for allowing Link to falter to the darkness all because he felt that no one truly loved him in the ways he needed.”

“Now I’ve lost someone very special to me because of my own damn selfishness and demanding duties. I just wish now that there was something I could do to change the past, but I cannot.”

“All I can do is accept the fact that the once gentle, vibrant, compassionate young man I came to love is now all but a distant memory. But the one thing I swear; swear by my very life for as long as I shall live--His memory will always live on in our hearts and he will always have a very special place in mine.”

“And for as long as Hyrule remains standing, Link the Hero of Time will not be forgotten.”

Final Goodbyes:

Rauru: Our hero,
Nabroou: Our Friend,
Impa: Our warrior,
Ruto: My Love,
Daurina: My Brother,
Saria: My Family,
Zelda: Our Treasure,

All: Even though you took your own life by your own hand, you will always be missed, no matter how we may feel about it.” “You were our hero, our warrior, our brother and our friend and for that you will always remain a part of this land and a part of each our hearts.” “Link you were the “Hero of Time”, a man who once took on the burdens of destiny and nearly saved this now chaotic land from the darkness you swore to vanquish, and for that, Link your memory will never be forgotten……..”

“Sorry I never told you
All I wanted to say
And now it's too late to hold you
'Cause you've flown away
So far away
Never had I imagined
Living without your smile
Feeling and knowing you hear me
It keeps me alive, Alive”

“And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day” (I will be sure to see you in heaven)

“Darling I never showed you
Assumed you'd always be there
I took your presence for granted
But I always cared
And I miss the love we shared”

“And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day” (I will be sure to see you in heaven)

“Although the sun will never shine the same again
I'll always look to a brighter day
Lord I know when I lay me down to sleep
You will always listen as I pray”

“And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day” (I will be sure to see you in heaven)

“Sorry I never told you
All I wanted to say”

Twists of fate:

The Temple of Time sat shrouded in darkness, rain pummeling the roof as the dreariness of the days sadden events lay heavily on the seven people who have gathered inside to see the horrific sight that lies before them. One could not believe what they’re eyes were telling them, there on the alter of the Pedestal of Time lies the fallen warrior, Link the “Hero of Time” pierced threw the chest by his own sword, the Master Sword.

All seven Sages just stand there, petrified unable to move, the sight just to drastically frightening to believe. Pools of dried blood staining the floor from the marred tainted tunic of the once vibrant and brilliant young man every one came to know and love. And it seems that from the way he died it was by his own hand.

But one can question why he did it. Wasn’t he happy? He had a beautiful wife and a lovely home. Life had seemed blissful for the young man; or so it seemed. Maybe all of this was over the drastic loss of his son, Link the Second. Ever since the day his son was captured by Gannondorf, tortured then killed after his refusal to help him kill his own father, Link was never really the same. Slowly he started getting depressed, and he seemed to grow distant from everyone. Soon he and his wife Jenna were always fighting. They were always bickering over the smallest things, and it seemed that over time their love for each other slowly start dying, causing their marriage to start splitting in two.

Link just seemed to grow more distant as the times flew by. His reasoning on why he was so helpless on saving his son just caused him to fall into a deep depression. With the pain over the loss his son and his slowly dying marriage, he finally came to the conclusion that the only way to release his pain, was to end his own life. Now the once lively, vibrant young man who became a warrior of justice is now just a frozen, motionless, hapless body, a pale shadow of his former self. And now what is to become of him?

The Sages are too petrified at the horrific sight to even move, frozen in time, struggling to work up the courage and strength to move him when suddenly a figure dressed in a light silk pink dress rushes threw the crowding Sages, knocking them over before stopping dead, paralyzed at the sight that befalls her. Jenna, Link’s wife walks forward, frightened and horrified at the sight that lays just ahead of her, Link her husband lying dead on the Temple alter.

Dashing forward, she crashes to the floor next to him, crying hysterically as she desperately shakes him, screaming for him to wake up. “OH MY GODDESSES…..NO……LINK WAKE UP!!!!” “LINK PLEASE GET UP……..OH MY GODDESSES…….NO YOU CANNOT BE DEAD…….YOU JUST CANNOT BE!!!!!” The woman screams as she continues to shake his lifeless body, her once pink dress now tainted and marred with his drying blood. Tears stream down her face as her tainted hands run swiftly up to the once vibrant sword now impaled threw his chest, swiftly pulling it out and throwing it aside.

As the women tries in vain to awaken her dead husband, the Sages desperately try to call her back, knowing that she is confused and in too much shock to grasp the reality that the man she loves is now gone. Jenna just ignores their pleas and continues her desperate attempt to awaken him as she cradles his still body in her blood stained arms.

But it soon becomes apparent to her that he is not going to wake up, so she slowly lowers her hand into the pouch that lies at her waist and pulls out a small vile. Popping the cork, Jenna slowly lifts it to her lips, intent on joining her husband, as she sings a final song……

“I don't know
What words I can say
The wind has a way
To talk to me”

“Flowers sleep
A silent lullaby
I pray for a reply
I'm ready”

“Quiet day calms me
Oh serenity
Please tell me
Oh, what is it, they say?
“Maybe I will know one day--”

“I don't know
What words I can say
The wind has a way
To talk to me……….”

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