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Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 22:43:01 -0500 (EST)
From: "Evil Writer" <>
Subject: Your message in my Travelers Log. ;)
To: Links Queen (e-mail removed so she doesn't kill me or something)

Just thought I'd do a little reply.....


Ahem, excuse me but, I am,

Using too many commas.

BURSTING AND ARTERY with this crap!

Whoa, you're artery?? How exactly does that work.  And you're not just

artery, you're bursting, too!  Impressive....


Not gonna ask how you managed to put an h where (I assume) an m was

meant to go.

I am, precariusly amused

Going to assume you meant precariously.  Not that it would make this

sentence make any more sense.  Do you even know what precariously


to think that one would, spend SO MUCH TIME on a site

;) Actually, it didn't take very long to make.  But I'm glad you

thought it did.  I guess I did a good job.

that means, less then NOTHING to me.

If it meant nothing, you wouldn't be here. ;)

LMAO at you, vindective people with to much time,

Vindictive? Hardly. :) I'm just enjoying myself by providing others

with entertainment.


What...? I thought you claimed to own a thesaurus and a dictionary.  

Have you ever READ them?


I'm brooding? No, excuse me, I have too much brooding.  Err... I'm

going to spare you the embarrassment of having to admit you don't know

what that word means.  It's painfully obvious that you don't.

and COMPLETE ANIMOSITY on their hands.

This has nothing to do with animosity.  I don't hate you, LQ, I love

you for bringing such entertainment to the fanfiction community!  We

are forever in your debt! ...heh.

Whoever you are, Evil Writer, I am just sad that you cannot, find

anything better to do with your time than build idle sites of


This is just what I do with a portion of my time. ;) It's not as if it

takes a lot of time.  And the amusement it brings is darn well worth

any lost time.

at, another's expance.

...Expance? My site is making you larger? I'm a little... confused by


It is MIND BOGGLING that you have, so little quality.

Oh, I have quite a lot of quality. :) Although this sentence made no

sense.  Exactly what do I have "little quality" in?

As for stealing my stories, I am OFFICIALLY peeved and I WILL be,

taking action.

I didn't steal anything, LQ. :) You posted the stories on the

internet--they were freely available.  And I never once claimed them as

mine.  I posted them as yours.  Stories by Link's Queen.  Not Evil

Writer.  And were you unofficially peeved before? ;)

In reality this has, gone WAY too far when you steal some one elses

work for your idle amusement.

Yes, yes.  This "gone-on-too-long situation"... we've seen that song

and dance before.  And like I said, I didn't steal anything. :)

In reality is has become, TEDIOUS of you to keep doing this.

Is HAS?? I didn't even know! And here I thought I was still getting

loads of amusement out of this Shrine...

As for the rest of this idle page, *lhao*

I can only assume you are meaning "laughing her ass off", though I'm

not sure why you're suddenly switching to third person when everything

else was in first.  Unless you're laughing someone ELSE'S ass off.

but as for, stealing my art,

What art? There are only fics here, and they aren't stolen.

I take DEEP offence at the prospect of, ANY stolen art.

*almost dies laughing* Really? Even though you stole Silvestris' art?  

I don't think you're one to talk here...

I might take to, BRUTE FORCE if I have to,

So you're going to beat me up, are you? Well, that's mature. ;) Will

you roll my head, too?

to get you to remove, this trajesty.

Trajesty... it's a tragedy and a travesty combined! Two times the

horror! ...Or maybe you don't know what you're trying to say. ;) One of

the two...

I WILL make the chance, it is my only measure.

....What? Okay, even I can't decipher that.

As to the rest of this hilerus,

Wow, this must be a new record for made up words!

AMUSING, DISGUSTING page, I am, outright amused,

Me too. ;) What a coincidence!

and blatantly disgusted at the same time. I COULDN"T care less,

about that.

Then why mention it?

But when it comes over to, stealing, then YES I WILL be taking,

industry, GREAT industry. >_>

What...the...hell? Wow... what a note to end on.  Taking industry. Not

just any industry, but GREAT industry. What exactly does LQ mean by

this? The world may never know...