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Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 16:44:58 -0500 (EST)
From: "Evil Writer" <>
Subject: Re: Your message in my Travelers Log. ;)
To: Link's Queen (no e-mail because if I put it here, I'm sure she'd roll my head)

Let me summarize this for you, since you obviously didn't get it. This is the message from my Traveler's Log:

9 04.03.2003, at 20:59:22
Fullname: Inu or WOLFKA
Where are your from?:
Homepage name:
Homepage URL:
Reference: Just Surfed On It!
How good do you think this site is: No comments
Comments: Ahem, excuse me but, I am, BURSTING AND ARTERY with this crap! *lhao* I am, precariusly amused to think that one would, spend SO MUCH TIME on a site that means, less then NOTHING to me. LMAO at you, vindective people with to much time, insenteve, brooding, and COMPLETE ANIMOSITY on their hands. Whoever you are, Evil Writer, I am just sad that you cannot, find anything better to do with your time than build idle sites of amusement at, another's expance. It is MIND BOGGLING that you have, so little quality. As for stealing my stories, I am OFFICIALLY peeved and I WILL be, taking action. In reality this has, gone WAY too far when you steal some one elses work for your idle amusement. In reality is has become, TEDIOUS of you to keep doing this. As for the rest of this idle page, *lhao* but as for, stealing my art, I take DEEP offence at the prospect of, ANY stolen art. I might take to, BRUTE FORCE if I have to, to get you to remove, this trajesty. I WILL make the chance, it is my only measure. As to the rest of this hilerus, AMUSING, DISGUSTING page, I am, outright amused, and blatantly disgusted at the same time. I COULDN"T care less, about that. But when it comes over to, stealing, then YES I WILL be taking, industry, GREAT industry. >_>

Observe... it has your name on it, and it reads like something you'd write. If it's NOT you, than it appears that someone has immitated you. And if that's true, they did so quite well. ;)


EXCUSE ME? First off, who the hell are you?

I'm Evil Writer. I thought that was pretty obvious.

Second, how did you get this address?

It's not that hard to get your e-mail address, LQ. Why do you assume that's some great difficult task?

Third, why are YOU e-mailing me with some crap by some writer on a place I don't even got one friggin clue as to where it was posted, specially in what reply the message was posted to?

That didn't make a lot of sense, but I'll attempt to reply. The message from the guestbook had your name on it. Hence I e-mailed you what I thought of said message. Understand?

Now, what you sent me didn't make *any* sense,

Made a lot more sense than your e-mail. ;)

more so on the fact that I have no damn idea for what or why you're sending me a quoted, incoherent, mangled reply to SOME thing or another in your travelers Log.

You're confused. My reply wasn't mangled--your message in my guestbook was mangled.

Which I don't even know what the hell that is to begin with.

A guestbook. *sigh*

First. I don't know you.

Well now you do. =D Nice to meet you, LQ.

I've never been to your, "Travelers' Log."

Funny, that's not what it looks like...

Furthermore, I am disturbed to the fact that someone I have no clue as to who or "what" you are;

Aww... an attempt to insult me, how cute. :)

sends me an e-mail accusing me of writing something I didn't write on a place I've never been, to an address I didn't give out to too many people.

You say you didn't write it, but how do I know that for sure?

You've got balls.

Not since I last checked. O_o

You're pretty brazen to e-mail me with rude material,

There was no "rude material" in the e-mail I sent you... my apologies for offending your oh-so-delicate sensibilities. *snerk*

accusing me of something I never did, because you claim that every time someone writes mangled bull such as what you quoted is undeniably, me.

It had your name on it.

Now we're going to fall back on the basis that anyone and everyone who defends me is also a sock puppet.


Now Inu has unlimited masks and impersonates as every sympathetic and rational person who ever travels circuits of cyberspace.

Rational? Ha, that's a good one.

BAH! That is just the irrational thinking of a totally mindless person.

You just accused me of "irrational thinking", which implies I would have to think--a mindless being couldn't do that. ;) Watch your contradictions, LQ.

The saddest thing in truth is you people jumping and pointing, screaming: THAT'S LINK'S QUEEN! I KNOW IT'S HER! I'M RIGHT! ALWAYS RIGHT! every time someone tries to talk rationally by telling you just how absurd some of this crap really is, and when they oppose you, you immediately jump and point the finger.

That sounds like you and your constant screams of "TILLY!"

For one thing. Get it straight that there are morons who love to show their idiocy by attempting to "act" as me.

I don't think it's their own idiocy they'd be showcasing.

Remember, that if your little sorry mind can comprehend anything simple,

It can comprehend the complex, too. ;)

then you should be able to puzzle out that the way this so called,

"puzzle out"? How on EARTH did you manage to pass highschool english?? Honestly!

emulate of me, isn't how I talk, isn't how I spell thank you,

Really? Funny, because this e-mail sounds a LOT like that message. Including your horrid abuse of commas.

and I haven't abused the dreaded CAPS lock as of late.

As of late? ;)

Furthermore, I've refrained from replying to anyone running their mouth about me as I've concluded that most of you haven't received a brain, cannot listen and have the inability to read what is being said whether it be against you or not, and take it into consideration.

Take a long hard look at yourself, love.

Everything is whahhhaaa whaaaaah whaaaahhhhaaa, cry piss moan, gripe and act like raving morons

You mean the way you carry on about Tilly?

over some person called LQ who wrote a bad story and just how amusing she is.

You don't seem to get that this isn't just about your fic. It's about the way you act, and the rude things you've said to and about people. Believe me, you've brought this on yourself.

People should be writing stories and poems about the sheer idiocy of certain people who over-indulge in trivialities over the internet about someone they don't even know.

Right. :) You stop providing us with amusement, and we'll stop being amused.

One word. Pathetic.

At least you spelled it right. :)

It's rather sad that you e-mailed me.

Not really. :) What's more sad is your reply--no, wait, it's amusing! My bad!

What? Your own Travelers' Log wasn't good enough for you to troll on? You had to troll my friggin' e-mail?

You obviously don't understand the concept of trolling. :)

Pitiful. Get a life, hun.

I have one. This just happens to be one of my sources of amusement.

Not everyone who sadly tries to mock me, is me in disguise. Just like Jules who says I accuse everyone appalled by me of being her.

You do. :) Or you accuse them of being somehow connected to her.

I find it very hypocritical of the same people who accuse me of doing just that also claiming anyone who sounds like me, or states the idiocy of this situation is really me as a sock puppet.

So... I'm everybody now, am I?

<Shakes head> Sad, indeed. I'd greatly appreciate you to NOT return any more e-mails.

I'm afraid I had to reply to this one.

I have no wish to relay any further contact with you, or your professed escapades on the net.

You don't want to have any contact with my "professed escapades on the net"? Uhhh... right.

If your intentions was to piss me off, you haven't succeeded.

Funny, considering how you reacted. ;)

You've only succeeded in making your own self look like a complete, ass. Have a nice day. >:)

Oh, I will. :) And I'm not the one who looks like an ass.

-Inu Remember. Life will come to an end, only after you stop living.