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Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:25:30 -0800 (PST)
From: LQ (no e-mail addy... I don't want any angry stalkers, thanks.)
To: "Evil Writer" <>
Subject:  Re: Your message in my Travelers Log. ;)

You just don't get it, do you? You seem to forget it's YOUR attitude
and the attitude other people involved present that is the most
offensive. God forbid admit who's wrong? And you didn't do a thing against me?
Now, who’s denying the truth? The problem is, you people think it's
okay to bash someone you have vendetta's against, which don't tell me it
isn't. But, it isn't okay for that particular person to defend
themselves when people make public belittlement and stalk them for their
entertainment. Excuse me. But I NEVER professed anything against you. I never
said any thing personal against you, or used material you did to gain
entertainment against you. It's a lot of nerve that you sit there and
talk about my attitude, then round with an attitude about the same and
commit the same crimes you say you're against. You're in reality, no
better. Consider this, two wrongs *don't* make a right.

As for copyright knowledge. You seem to forget, which tells me you
don't understand the law from iota, just like art, literary work consisting
of characters from an outside source, doesn't infringe the copyright of
another, only when you take the work in part, (half) or in whole
without permission against the consent of the original author is
infringement. You using the Nintendo excuse doesn't justify you stole my work, and
by law I can get the legal registered papers necessary to take this
kind of infringement to court. I am within legal limits to copyright my
fics considering I am not marketing them for profit, or making profit. If
this friend wants to "host" this vindictive shrine, I will also drag
this person in as an accomplice. Something I guarantee they won't want.

Lastly. You claim you don't hate me? Ahem. Excuse me, but I call your
shrine a insidious way to attack me personally, and a wicked way to
"make me pay" by stealing my fics. You cannot cover up this charade you
don't hate me, then steal my fics and make personal attacks at me on a
shrine dedicated to bashing my character. You're just hypocritical. I
don't buy it. It isn't fooling me and it isn't covering up the lies. You've
got a lot of nerve to say such rude, abhorent crap. You're attitude
isn't any better. What you did is beyond rude. It's disgusting and vile.
How you can say I am worse vexes me. You've got balls dear. And if you
think "moving the shrine" will keep me from stopping your sickening
ridicule and infringement of me and my fics think again. If need be, I will
go through the actual legal copyright process and register my fics with
the government then slap you with a damn subpoena if you wish to push
it that far. Trust me. If I did that, you'd have to come all the way to
where I live, pay the astronomical court and lawyer fees, and still
loose the case. Trust me; there is no way in HELL you can prove those fics
belong to you. And with legal documented papers in hand, you wouldn't
even have a case against me. You're only prolonging the inevitable. You
had no right to use my fics. You didn't have the decency to use even
use proper etiquette to at least ASK me. Then you even took the steps to
make sure you belittled me in the process so you could add another hook
to keep this crap from ever ending. You certainly treat people like the
mud under your shoes. Don't you?

It isn't MY attitude that keeps this going. It's you people and this
sick obsession you have with me. If you ask me, this situation would stop
when you people learn to get over it, stop worrying about someone who
you don't know and will never meet, and quit harboring personal
vendettas you cannot correct. That is the real problem and you need to stop
acting so naive about it. I wouldn't be this bitter if you'd damn well get
it, leave me the hell alone and STOP stealing from me and STOP trying
to defame my character. Stop blaming everyone else. You aren't innocent
and you cannot escape the fact that *you* committed a wrong against me
and fail to accept the blame.

Final words. I *never* posted this address on PR. Quote frankly, I
didn't post this address ANYWHERE on the net. So, trying to say you got
this from PR is a damn lie. Don't cover the fact up. Someone told you the
address and you don't want me to know who. There are only a few people
I mailed this address to that could've opened their flapping mouth, and
I will find out.

Any further messages from you will from now, be sent directally to my
recycle bin.

Remember. Life will come to an end, only after you stop living